No more seats in Silicon Valley – The rise of the standing desk.

Some of the technology companies in Silicon Valley now tend to use a standing desk instead of using a regular desk. Their employees now prefer to work without a seat and have now begun throwing away the chairs from their office.

The Employees of many silicon valley companies, no longer use a padded office chair during their work day, instead according to the Wall Street Journal, the employee now prefers using a working desk without seats, something more commonly called a stand up desk or standing desk.

The demand for standing desks is rising weekly. According to large tech companies such as Google or Facebook they’ve started to use standing desks for their offices. They’ve said that their employees now prefer to work without a seat, and are using a standing desk only. Reports from Facebook show that they are increasing their bookings for standing desks and have reached 200 to 250 requests in the last five to eight weeks. Their employees are increasingly asking to replace their conventional desk with a standing desk, so they can work without sitting down.

This trend is also happening in Google. According to Jordan Newman, a Google spokesman,” There is surged in demand for a standing desk, and indeed we always want to offer it as part of an employee wellness program.”

This trend of the using a standing desk, is become common in the United States. Experts are saying that working without a chair is more comfortable for the body, and will help increase energy. There is also a wealth of research that shows too much sitting will increase the risk to your health in general.

A professional such as a researcher, programmers, architects, who usually works more hours than most with computer, usually will sit more than others. They can sit almost a full 8 hour day on many occasions. This situation can increase the risk of obesity, clogged arteries, and bring about other health problems.

A recent study found that women who sit more than six hours a day, are 47% more likely to die earlier than a woman who sits less than 3 hours a day. And as for a man who sits more than 6 hours a day, they are 18% more likely to die early than a man who sits less than 3 hours a day. There are many other studies that show sitting longer will pose a risk of premature death.

An employee from Google said, “When you work sitting down, it will make you tired quickly, you’ll feel lazy, and fatigued, when I switched to a standing desk, I never felt tired at 3 pm, and have been able to fully concentrate all day.”

The first time you use a standing desk, you may find it hard to concentrate on your work. You are likely to feel uneasy and uncomfortable on your feet and your body may ache for a while. However, after a while you will get used it and will feel the benefit of working without a chair.

Older employees have also mentioned that when they change their conventional desk to a standing desk, that their backache they’ve had for years, slowly recovered and healed. They add that sitting too long all day will be your enemy, so you must start working without a chair early on in your career.

Are you ready to start using a standing desk?

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