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Why do you want to buy a standing desk?

Is there anything wrong with the humble conventional desk?  Why have office trends changed to a favor standing desks?  In fact what is a standing desk?

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk actually is the same desk that you used before; it’s just a common office desk. You just have to modify this desk, make it higher, so you can use the desk by standing up so you don’t need a chair any longer. A standing desk will be higher by approximately 30-50 cm than a normal desk. If you are thinking of getting a standing desk there are a number of options open to you. You can buy a new one, build a new one, or modify your old desk to be a standing desk. Using a standing desk that had a hydraulic system will be better for you since you can adjust the height on the desk to your desired position. However adjustable standing desks tend to be a bit more expensive but worth the price if you are using them a lot.

The main reasons for switching to a standing desk.

By sitting too long, you can increase the risk of obesity, blood clots, and even shorten your lifespan. There are also studies that show people who sit too long at their desks are increasing the risk of a heart attack by 54% or more.

Although these studies will not create panic for most people, you can do something to reduce the health risks of sitting at your desk for long periods of time. One of the efforts you can make is make to switch to a standing desk as your main office desk.

What are the greatest benefits of using a standing desk?

The greatest benefit that employees or students will get is that they will increase their health in general.  When you use standing desk, you will stand up at your desk more than before which will increase your body metabolism, and will burn more calories and fat. Here some interesting statement from Greg Hoy, a new employee at Facebook. He said,” The first time I came in, I asked for a standing desk and since I’ve been using a standing desk I don’t feel fatigued the way I used to when I sat all day at my desk, and I feel very active and fully concentrated all day long.”

Many of the great men of history have done their work standing up, including:  Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. This is the opposite of what Winston Churchill  famously said; “why must you stand when you can sit, and why must you sit when you can lie down?” However, in fact that was not 100% true since he also did his work by standing up until he died at the age of 90.

Are there any dangers or disadvantages of using standing desk?

Is working at a standing desk all day really healthy?  In reality even using a standing desk during their office hours most people will not spend the whole of their 8-10 hour work day standing up. In fact, they will be sitting down for a break if they feel tired.  So the suggestion to use a standing desk is definitely still healthier than solely using a chair at the office.

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